Cafe Luna at Liberty Plaza

Naples, FL

Project Type: Hospitality – Restaurant/Bar

Cafe Luna is a family style restaurant located in a busy shopping center along US 41 in Naples, Florida. This location was the second of three restaurant/ bars we designed for this local restaurateur. The first project was located on the chic 5th Avenue South in Downtown Naples. It was that first one that established the design theme of strategically using primary colors throughout and showcasing the artwork of a local artist.

This second location was a pre-existing restaurant with a bar centrally located within the space. Additionally, the design has to work pithing a modest renovation budget, so we concentrated the design energy on marking the new bar the focus of the entire project. The primary color theme is used in this area to highlight specific architectural elements; columns famed, walls all under a bright white canopy/ cloud over the bar area. The dining areas with their white walls, blacked out ceiling and focused lighting serve as the backdrop for the artwork of one of Naples’ most popular artists.